getAPPandGO is a mobile container app/custom app solution that allows schools to engage with their parent and student community.

What if there was an easier way for teachers and students to stay connected? What if there was an easier way to collect data and share it, automatically, across the classroom wall? We’re building getAPPandGO, an open source, web based platform that empowers teachers, parents, and students to stay organized and connected. This platform will be used by over 100 schools in over 18 countries.

Time to ‘get up and go’

Get APP and GO is your own, customised smartphone app… It’s instant, touch optimised, powerful & affordable!

Your own smartphone app

Getting an App and going is a great way to stay connected with students, teachers, or parents. The best apps are those that can help solve problems and facilitate communication among staff or students. Getting an App and going isn’t limited to using your school ID or a student ID – you can use your personal information to log in to applications as well.


Stay in touch with your people / community / members.

Platform integration

Send pop-up messages to mobile phones, any time, from anywhere. No limits!

Your Organisation

Perfect for any business/organisation/club/school.

Free to download

Your app is FREE to download from Apple Store or Google Play.​

Get set up with get APP and GO

Imagine! Your own smartphone app, fully integrated with your business, organisation or school’s website. Get in touch with us now to begin the process.