First NZ customers online!

We’re delighted to announce the first getAPPandGO sites going live in New Zealand.

They’re all schools, so parents will soon be able to enjoy timely notification of key events at school, including emergencies.

The apps are being given a final tweak by school staff as they return from holiday… watch this space!

getAPPandGo launches

Exciting times!

We’re delighted to offer you a powerful, affordable new way to stay in touch with your customers or members.

getAPPandGO delivers a smartphone app, customised for your business or organisation, which is cost-effective and fully-integrated with your website. (Need a website? Contact us.)

The outstanding benefit is the ability to send “push notifications” (aka pop-up messages) to anyone who has your app installed on their smartphone.

Any time you have a special message, you get to touch base —instantly!

getAPPandGO uses leading edge technology to build your app quickly and affordably, with surprisingly reasonable ongoing costs.

Traditionally, smartphone apps cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and maintain. They are built from the ground up, tailor-made and require countless hours of intensive coding by highly paid software developers.

getAPPandGO bypasses this costly and tedious process. You get your own bespoke app with key content from your existing website AND instant pop-up messages to your followers!

Contact us today to find out how we can put you on the smartphone app map!