How to create a Magento mobile app: a bit about typical mistakes

If you’ve chosen the do-it-yourself approach to creating a Magento app, consider not only having the necessary experience, but also the most common mistakes to avoid.

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  1. Overloaded user interface
    Studies show that customers spend approximately 4 minutes on mobile shopping. This is the maximum during which you can grab your customer’s attention. If the interface is dazzling with a lot of functions and options, chances are high that the visitor is initially confused and then close the application, not having the slightest desire to return. Tasteless design will also not play into your hands. Balance is the key word with which the app layout process should be associated. Ideally, UI design should be a supporting factor for double-click, zoom, and “save item/cart” features.
  2. Ignoring the thumb rule
    Approximately three-quarters of users use their thumbs when using smartphones.
  3. Neglecting security.
    The security of personal and financial data is what online shoppers are most concerned about. Therefore, you should try your best to reassure them and dispel their doubts. Use trust icons, lock symbols, “security” words (e.g. ” secure” or “encrypted”), color psychology. All this will help convince customers that shopping in your mobile app is completely and utterly safe.
  4. Focus on only one platform
    In order to reach as many shoppers as possible, your online store should be accessible to both iOS and Android users. What’s more, we advise having an app of either kind. Naturally, creating an app is not a five-minute task. On average, creating a progressive mobile Magento app will take about a month, a hybrid Magento app will take 3 months, and it will take twice as long to develop a native Magento app. Nevertheless, if you have all of these apps, rest assured – you’ve made every effort to reach your customers.
  5. You’re underestimating your download speed
    Remember, the faster your app is, the more likely a visitor is to make a purchase. We’ve already discussed the issue of site speed on Magento in our article How to increase site load speed on Magento. However, mobile app loading is 90% slower compared to regular desktop pages. Make sure you’ve compressed your app code well enough and reduced the weight of your files in order to reduce the loading time as much as possible.

If you’ve made all the mistakes and your app doesn’t work, read .